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Mollohan has a Top 30 Finish at the Bass Open on Lake Norman

Matt Mollohan took home a Top 30 finish at the Bass Open on Lake Norman! Weights were tight and Matt missed ​the Top 12 cut by just a couple of pounds. "It was a little disappointing," said Matt. "I lost a couple of fish late on Day 2 that would have definitely got me in the cut." "Either way, it was a great week, I caught a ton of fish and I had a great time!"

Matt mainly used three different set ups to catch his fish. "I used a Ball Jig Swimbait Head with a 3.8 inch Keitech Swimbait and a Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head with a Bizz Baits Cutter Craw to catch a limit of Spotted Bass first thing in the morning. Then I used a Bizz Baits Pad Daddy in the backs of pockets and creeks chasing that kicker largemouth bite later in the day."

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